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Hey hey, another ramble by Stew. I touch on some random things including the word peeve or as I say peeved. Here is a definition for you about the word peeve.

Episode 13 3/8/21

Also added some sound drops and music thanks to

peeve verb

transitive verb: to make peevish or resentful : ANNOY

peeve noun

Definition of peeve

1: a feeling or mood of resentment

2: a particular grievance or source of aggravation

“Peeve.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 8 Mar. 2021.

This one I tried something different and will come back again as the topic is a neat one but I was mostly just recording something utilizing something on my phone.

3-5-21 Episode 12

MMMMmmm this is a episode with some comments about the Crash Test Dummies, not the band, the safety mascots.

Episode 11 3/4/21


Andy Griffith Show

Crash Test Dummies info from Rediscover The 80s website

Band Crash Test Dummies

Jack Burns

Lorenzo Music


We made it to double digits.

Episode 10 3/3/2021

The most important thing you can do right now is relax and take it easy. Please enjoy a break, don’t listen to the same music over and over again. Just listen to your good old buddy Stew ramble about nonsense. That’s what today’s episode is all about, nonsense, just a thought or two that comes into my mind. I then start spitting it out into a microphone recording it posting it and this here is we are and this is what you’re doing with your life. Welcome to “Stew For You,” “Stew For Lunch,” I don’t even have a name for this show, I’m just rambling but how great is this I can record my words and it types so now you get rambling in your ears and in your eyes. You got to enjoy the fun times in the year 2021 and Beyond.

Today we mentioned shows like Monk , Two Guys, A Girl and a pizza place, and Boston Common. We also referenced wrestling Superstar Ric Flair musical artist Randy Newman a musical artist Johnny Cash that being said, thanks for listening. Please enjoy the links enjoy the audio but more importantly enjoy your life.

1980s Era Stew with A Far Side T-Shirt.

This is fun, this is fun, this is for fun. Whew, that is me talking myself into not getting too worked up on these audio casts. Building this up or even just talking an recording is very cathartic to me. This episode is first to really make me lose track of time. That is a good thing, I think. Wax nostalgic, just taking a memory trip about old tv shows and sometimes I go off on tangents that may lead to a poignant point or just fall flat. I appreciate anyone that takes time to read or even listen to these posts.

Episode 9 3-2-2021

The Jeffersons links: Jeffersons’ Wikipedia , Jeffersons Theme Lyrics

Fall Guy info links: Fall Guy Truck , Fall Guy Wikipedia Page

We made Number 8 for you and me to enjoy. Mostly its just me talking and recording.

Episode 8 3-1-2021 Show

Rambling on about a few things on this 2/26/21 episode. Buckwheat SNL, NWI businesses mentioned (Flat Rock Tap and Top Notch.) Mentions of a few friends, side comments about potato, social media, and just Stew being a goof. thank you for the music.

SNL Alfalfa Buckwheat Info

Episode 6 of the new run of Stew For Lunch. I went with recording from my phone and using the anchor app for recording and music under the entire run of my ramble today. I hope you enjoy.

Enjoy the 5th of Stew. Made a sandwich and rambled a bit.

When When you’re weary Feeling small When tears are in your eyes I’ll dry them all I’m on your side Oh, when times get rough And friends just can’t be found. You can count on me to be your Stew. This makes no sense, just listen to the latest edition of me yapping. The descent into madness starts with the first step.

Hey we got music now Music: